Cave Terror

Lesson learned: no matter how big the fear is, you CAN overcome it.

Once I was on an expedition to the Krubera cave, the deepest cave on Earth.

It’s not easy, especially mentally when you know 2000 meters separate you from the surface of the earth. You have to constantly push yourself, both mentally and physically. And the mental part often is way more challenging.

At one point I reached a Syphon, a very narrow passage full of water. The only way to keep going was to dive through it without oxygen, in complete darkness.

I had a malfunction with my diving suit, I was wet and freezing and exhausted, and an idea of diving right into this cold, dark and very narrow water passage terrified me. I fell deep into that fear. Well deeper than those 2000 meters of the cave that separated me from the surface.

I could have turned around, of course. I did not have to do it, and no one would judge me.

It was so easy to give in! So tempting!

But when I hit rock bottom of that fear, I forced myself to take a break and recompose myself. And once I regained control over my emotions, I went right into that Syphon – and made it through.

That incident changed my perspective of fear. I realized you can overcome fear no matter how huge it is.

And after I took the time to process what had happened to me, I also learned that it is very important to regularly access your life plans, relationships, and goals and reflect on them.  And then balance what needs to be balanced.

To Sum Up

You are here because you have your own fights and challenges that you are facing.

Together we can overcome anything!

Just remember: no matter how difficult a situation is, there is always a choice to give up or to fight for what really matters to you. And that choice is always yours.

Make the right one!

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